1. I offer 45 minute and one-hour lessons.  Payment can be by check or cash, weekly or monthly.


2. Cancellations:

With more than 24 hours' notice, we can reschedule the lesson.
With less than 24 hours' notice, I will offer a makeup lesson for some time during that week.  If no mutually satisfactory makeup-lesson time can be found for that week, there is a charge for the original missed lesson.
There is a charge for a missed lesson with no notice given.


A note about weather, car trouble, illness, transportation or carpool problems, and other last-minute emergencies: there is no charge unless the situation had been preventable or foreseeable. Not having notified a parent of a lesson, one's sibling having taken the car unexpectedly, or a parent forgetting a lesson time are all examples of unexcused absences for which no makeup lesson will be given.


3. Students are required to bring to the lessons an appointment book or planner so that lessons can be scheduled. This book should include parents' schedules, car availability, after-school commitments, doctor's appointments, etc.


4. A commitment to weekly lessons is an essential part of learning the violin. It is important that the highest priority be given to adequate practice time. However, due to my somewhat unpredictable schedule and work load, I may occasionally have to miss lessons. In such cases, students will be notified in advance.


Leslie Shank


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